Most college and high school students do not have time to complete school assignments themselves. Some are not interested in specific units and so they are go online to hire people to write papers or essays for them. When search for essay writing services, students can receive overwhelming response because these days the Internet has so many websites that advertise themselves as writing services that offer quality services at logical prices. The challenge is, not all writing services are actually genuine. Since what they want is to have their assignments done, students make quick decisions that land them in the hands of essay companies that are owned by scammers that thrive on the desperation of students. Such companies generate low quality work, often written hastily or copied. Students end up with no products that they can show for their money, which is very discouraging.

americanfreepress.org is here to help students find a way out of this challenge and locate essay writing companies that are steady when it comes to providing unique high quality products that they need. We help students recognize the traits that upright essay writing services have. Some of the elements that students should find out before hiring an essay writing companies include:

  1. The mode of communication that the essay company uses. Honest companies usually have a telephone number as well as a live chat service to communicate with clients.

  2. The level of professionalism that their web content displays. Good companies have web content that reads well because it is often written by a writer who speaks English well. How the web content is presented reflects on the capacity of a an essay company to write.

  3. The questions that the company’s order form asks. Professional essay companies will often seek to understand the needs of their customers in terms of the resources to be used, the formatting style and level of study

  4. Samples of written work that the essay company’s writers have produced before. Students also need to check whether the essay company provides details about the competence of the writer who will be handling their assignments and whether they can contact them directly

  5. Reading customer reviews written customers who have given the essay company work in the past can help provide valuable insights on what to expect

  6. Students also need to check whether the essay company has a recourse strategy that it uses in case they are not satisfied with their work. Honest writing companies will usually have a recourse strategy in place since they seek to retain customers in the long-term.



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